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Gold standard

Like everyone else, La Cieca was watching Mad Men last night, and suddenly something clicked. She realized that the “current” time on the series as of last night was August, 1966—which means that sometime in the next week or two the chronology of the Gotham-based melodrama will coincide with the opening of the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center, September 16. And what that further means is a) La Cieca is old and b) the 50th anniversary of the “New Met” is only four seasons away.

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Old school

amc.comOf course opera fans all owe Agnes Varis a lot, what with the Met rush tickets and all that, plus La Cieca, being a lady of a certain age herself, should be the last one to talk. But she can’t help hearing this quote from Varis in the foghorn rasp of Miss Blankenship: “The opera’s like Broadway but better.  It’s got sex, it’s got incest, it’s got rape…. You introduce young people to music, you’ve got them for life.” [Wall Street Journal]