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Travels with my rant

It appears that La Cieca’s long-winded, likely drunken ravings on the Levineshchina attracted the most visitors last week, doubtless motivated by Schadenfreude. But a variety of very fine pieces also made last week’s Top Ten list of most viewed parterre posts.   Read more »

“What gets me…!”

It is one of the most basic truths of the gay male experience that any life situation imaginable can be summed up with a line from All About Eve. And, as you see from the headline above, that’s how La Cieca (pictured, artist’s conception) is reacting to this utter balderdash about James Levine‘s cancellation of Lulu at the Met.   Read more »

There will be blood

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is “considering actions to be taken to protect the image of the Foundation of its workers and their audiences” following Fabio Luisi‘s cancellation of his participation in Elektra at that theater in order to make time to help clean up the Levineshchina in New York. [Teatro dell’Opera di Roma]

Levine out all fall; Luisi new Met Principal Conductor

This just in from the Met press office: “After a fall last week that damaged one of his vertebrae, James Levine underwent emergency surgery on Thursday in New York, forcing him to withdraw from his performances at the Metropolitan Opera this fall…. While Levine will continue in his position as Music Director, Fabio Luisi has been named the Met’s Principal Conductor, with the new appointment taking effect immediately.”

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