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If you want to send a message, don’t use the ‘Telegraph’

verdiBrit rag The Telegraph reported early today the Verdi opera Aida had been canceled at Bristol University due to student protests about cultural appropriation. A later update of the story corrected one tiny error of fact: not Verdi but Elton John. Oops! What’s worse, the online story carries no indication a correction has been made. Read more »

“Never mind!”

Depending on which time this morning you read Slipped Disc (and you don’t, of course, but on the off chance you were so foolish) you would have found out that Literally the Worst Journalist Who Ever Lived was reporting an exclusive story that Graham Vick was fired from a La Scala production of La fanciulla del West because he intended to insert a gay bar scene into the opera, or else that Vick’s departure from the production—which was actually announced three months ago—had nothing to do with inserting a gay bar scene into a La Scala production of La fanciulla del West.    Read more »