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afternoon delight

Karita Mattila in the HD telecast of Salome starts here in New York on Channel 13 in ten minutes. DVRs set?

season opener

Our Own JJ (right) reviews the Met’s revivals of Don Giovanni and Salome in Gay City News.

pubic domain

La Cieca has managed to obtain a few fragments of the camera rehearsal for Saturday afternoon’s Salome HD telecast. Note the cutting-edge video techniques employed to distract the (presumably) pre-adolescent audience from Karita’s Kooter of Kontroversy.

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lean and mean

La Cieca thinks that President Bush or anyway Senator McCain should hire Peter Gelb as, at the very least, director of communications.  A brutally honest yet constructive reaction to the current economic debacle can be found in an internal email from the Met’s chief to his staff.  FInnish minge glimpses are not the only area in which cutbacks can be expected, Gelb’s memo (obtained earlier today by La Cieca) also warns of impending slashes in the company’s costs for travel expenses, overtime and medical and pension benefits. From: Gelb, Peter Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 2:02 PM To: Public Bulletin Board […]

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rebel without a cooze

Although the staging of the Met’s Saturday afternoon’s production of Salome will remain unchanged (i.e., Karita Mattila intends to jam out with her clam out) the HD cameras will demurely divert their lenses at the climactic moment of the Dance of the Seven Veils.  According to Culture Monster, instead of the Full Mattila, the video audience will see “something, well, much more restrained.” “You’ll see the camera pan away from her as she does the dance,” a Met spokesman told Culture Monster. “Either it will pan discreetly away to the audience, or it will do a close-up of her face.” […]

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salome (met) 9/23/2008

I was there in the house and it was a good night.  I still think that Mattila and the production were fresher in 2004 with a wider range of colors and dynamics.  However, she didn’t sound frayed or at the end of her rope.  Some of the louder high notes can get a blanched quality but they were dead on pitch and held for a good while with no wavering.  She looks good but definitely a woman of a certain age and the girlish, kittenish business looks calculated now.  Its a well kept body but definitely spreading a bit in […]

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