Cher Public

Outer Burroughs

I remember Charles Busch performing his plays at the Limbo Lounge on Avenue B and asking the audience afterwards, “Did you ever think you’d go this far east in your life?” It was scary over there. But New York is different now, and John Zorn has this hangout, The Stone, on Avenue C (you heard me) at Second Street, a performance space the size of a largeish dorm room. And thus the whirligig of Time brings in his revenges. Read more »

Leonard Pinth-Garnell! Thou shouldst be living at this hour

“These mainstage programs will be augmented throughout the year by supporting videos, photos and writings that will help to contextualize the works in progress and by three free public programs (Opera in Dialogue) aimed to build dialogue between the composers, writers, performers, directors and designers working in the hybrid space of experimental opera.” [Experiments In Opera]