Cher Public

To the rescue!

Those who enjoyed (at least aurally) the Met’s recent La Donna del Lago may be craving more of the master from Pesaro, so 2015’s final “Trove Thursday” presents Torvaldo e Dorliska featuring stylish Rossinians Lella Cuberli, Lucia Valentini-Terrani (pictured), Pietro Bottazzo and Enzo Dara.   Read more »

“New York, this is your last chance!”

Coming this fall on a basic cable channel near you, Ultimate Diva Jessye Norman tries her hand at situation comedy, playing a 30-something bachelor girl who returns to Manhattan in search of adventure and romance. Julie Kavner is cast as her wacky younger sister.

Bosom buddies

Elegantly bescarved divas Grace Bumbry and Shirley Verrett (in alphabetical order) “rehearse” scenes from Aida and Norma in preparation for their historic 1983 duo concert.   Read more »