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All in the family

This one’s on me. Here’s a project apparently nobody has thought of and it’s a sure winner: Semiramide with Cecilia Bartoli and Franco Fagioli. Read more »

C’est une chanson d’amour qui somnole

What is surreal, symbolic, and generally mysterious in the dramatic arts can get a bad rap. The approach is regarded with suspicion if not irritation by many, especially (though not only) in the staging of repertory works. Just tell The Story in an easily comprehensible way, some will say. Don’t “distract” me. Don’t make me wonder what something “means” or “represents.”

This is a shame, I feel. Even when I cannot immediately account for every image in a film by Luis Buñuel or David Lynch, or, closer to home, in an opera production by Stefan Herheim or one of the Alden brothers, the work of those artists at their best rewards engagement. What they present us has a power of its own; it compels, tantalizes, haunts. Perhaps something will have different associations for different viewers.   Read more »