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Divas merrily on high

Though Mission and Drama Queens may be receiving much of the attention of diva-lovers with holiday shopping lists, Cecilia Bartoli and Joyce DiDonato are not the only ladies who have recorded recitals this year featuring music from the 17th and 18th centuries.

In fact, 2012 has witnessed a near-avalanche of such CDs, many just out in the past several months. This first of two round-ups looks at new discs by Patricia Petibon, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Christiane Karg, Sandrine Piau and Véronique Gens.   Read more »

“Dispettosetto questo riccio!”

La Cieca supposes that maybe the reason Angela Gheorghiu doesn’t include any music from Manon Lescaut on her new “Homage to Callas” CD is that she can’t quite identify with the character? Read more »

Blonde item

“It’s just that it seems rather perverse to have cast such opulent voices and then given them not much to sing…. the role of Anna Nicole would not stretch Danielle de Niese.”

Loyal parterrian Jondrytay (not pictured) looked in on the Royal Opera’s Anna Nicole and shared this thoughts on his blog Not So Wunderbar.

Happy Birthday Raina Kabaivanska!

The Bulgarian diva was born December 15, 1934.

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Mai più, mai più

This is the way the public used to greet the entrance of a beloved star, and La Cieca is very unhappy to think that she will never hear the like again.  

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From A to Zeani

An appearance by legendary diva Virginia Zeani is but one of the highlights of tomorrow night’s Marcello Giordani Foundation Concert and Dinner.

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The Quantification of the Diva: Upon Reflection

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who are the greatest divas (Classic and Contemporary) of them all?” And the mirror replied, “I’ll tell you right after the jump!”

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The Quantification of the Diva: Part the Third

And now, cher public, let’s put today’s singers, the Contemporary Divas, under the microscope. How do they stack up?

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