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But I’m a jeer leader

The Royal Opera’s Sir Antonio Pappano (not pictured) considers the question of booing at the opera and comes to exactly the wrong conclusion. [The Guardian]

For the birds

The revival Thursday of last season’s puzzling, uneven David McVicar production of Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci should have been most memorable for the full-throated if unsubtle performances of its leading tenors, Yonghoon Lee and Roberto Alagna. But the most indelible moment for me occurred when during the surprisingly warm applause at her solo bow a “lone voice in the wilderness” booed Barbara Frittoli’s calamitous Nedda.  Never before at the Met had I been so tempted to join in.   Read more »

Uh, no, they’re saying “Boo-runnhilde, Boo-runnhilde”

If the Frank Castorf production of the Ring at Bayreuth accomplished nothing else, it will be the popularization in classical music circles of the term “boovation.” Read more »

The return of Glimmertrash

Given the choice, I’ll take Hans Neuenfels.

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E avanti a lui fischiava tutta Roma

“A Zeffirelli, dopo le polemiche della vigilia che lo hanno opposto al soprano Daniela Dessì, da lui ritenuta non giusta per il ruolo di Violetta in questa Traviata, qualche dissenso misto agli applausi al momento di comparire in proscenio assieme a Gelmetti.” [Il Messaggero]

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we think you’re just sensational, meme

First opera queen: “So, you’re seeing Renée in Thaïs tonight?” Second opera queen: “Yeah, I’m leaving home early so I can stop at Thom McAn on the way.”

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vil milanese

The season at La Scala continues under the guidance of Daniele Gatti.

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a me roberti e il giudice del fischio

Extended clips of the La Scala Don Carlo as telecast on Sunday night — after the jump.

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