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Band in Boston

The Elector of Hannover, as is well known, kept a hippogriff, a creature long thought fabulous or at least extinct. In fact, he was in every way fabulous. The Elector hoped to fly to London on its back and descend to the throne should the moribund Queen Anne ever actually die. Alas, when she was finally found to be dead, in 1714, the animal had vanished and King George went to England by boat. Read more »

Megalomania in mufti

In the April 1 issue of The International New York Times David Belcher persuasively argues the considerable artistic and economic merits to performing opera in concert. On Thursday evening Amanda Forsythe and David Hansen in evening dress sighing, swooning, conniving and triumphing as Poppea and Nerone with the Boston Early Music Festival Chamber Ensemble at the Morgan Library proved his points in a deliciously involving musical and dramatic experience. Who needs sets and costumes anyway?   Read more »

Lyrists’ club

For one week every two years since 1981 the eyes—and ears—of those interested in period performance turn to the Boston Early Music Festival, particularly to its opera centerpiece, but that organization doesn’t rest on its laurels in between festivals. Read more »