W.J. Henderson in the New York Sun:

In a recent interview Edward Johnson, now impresario of the Metropolitan Opera House, declared that the institution depended for its prosperity chiefly on Verdi, Wagner, and Puccini. The first of these made a triumphant return on Monday evening, and last night the second was represented by his popular “Die Walküre”. The procession of the season’s debut began with this performance. Marjorie Lawrence, a soprano from the antipodes, was disclosed with the rising of the second act curtain as Brünnhilde. The new dramatic singer proved to be a singer of value and of promise. She disclosed a good voice, generally well placed, an attack almost always firm and unhampered, phrasing musically planned, and commendable diction. The voice showed quite enough power for the role. The delivery of the “Ho-jo-to-ho” was somewhat harsh and forced by reason of nervous anxiety, but in the scene with Wotan and in the “Todesverkuendigung” the true quality of the organ, rich and mellow and without impending technical faults, was exhibited. Miss Lawrence was not a tempestuous Brünnhilde, but her impersonation demonstrated the presence of a musical intelligence and a valuable stage experience. And throughout her interpretation of the music ran an undercurrent of sensitive feeling which readily made itself perceptible to the audience. It is probable that this new singer will wear well and grow in the public esteem.

Born on this day in 1921 Deanna Durbin.

Happy 84th birthday mezzo-soprano Yvonne Minton.

Birthday anniversary of composer Andre Campra (1660).