New York American:

Because of the rare beauty in the quality of his voice he is sure of a popular success in this respect, at least, the reclame that has preceded him was justified. A rarely beautiful voice it is. His use of it cannot be chanted in such unqualified terms.

But in the duet with Mme. Sembrich last night in Gilda’s garden he sang with a taste, with an artistic care and restraint that went a long way toward forgiveness of vocal transgressions. Most acceptable, too, is the fact that his voice blends delightfully with that of Mme. Sembrich, with whom he will be called upon to sing so frequently before the season is ended.

With a hearty, genuine good-comradeship that has endeared her to New York audiences, Mme. Sembrich performed one of her graceful deeds on the fall of the second curtain. From a bunch of flowers handed her from behind the scenes during a curtain call (and it seems the rule now at the Metropolitan is that such tokens shall no longer be flung across the footlights), the singer took one and presented it to her new colleague with a hearty handshake.

Birthday anniversaries of composers Manuel de Falla (1876) and Jerry Bock (1928).