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  • NPW-Paris: The speed at which top seat prices have gone from 180/190 euros to over 250 is dizzying. Booking opened yesterday, and by the... 1:27 AM
  • NPW-Paris: Link to Paris’s 2016-3017 season: https://www.operad 6-17 1:22 AM
  • Lankin: Hm, hm, … I think that Otello might not be a good example. Or it might be a perfect one. I’m not sure. Let me explain... 12:58 AM
  • danpatter: Amen to that! 12:51 AM
  • danpatter: La Price was my introduction to opera. I had public radio on one afternoon, and this voice began singing, and I thought,... 12:46 AM
  • Patrick Mack: God bless that woman. She is for realz always. 12:40 AM
  • Lohenfal: Liebster MMII, thanks for the review. Your words are very encouraging, since I’m scheduled to see Opolais/Alagna in... 12:32 AM
  • Lankin: “Because a round table with Anne Midgette in the Washington Post, for the consumption of the predominantly-whit e patrons... 12:27 AM


Your doyenne, while she never, never would think to record a performance she attends, is from time to time sent recordings of certain live events. A fragment of a recent such event, which some indeed might venture to term a “Sternstunde,” follows the jump. Read more »

When I have sung my songs to you

… I’ll just keep on singing until everyone has heard. La Cieca’s debut on “Operavore” is now available on demand, after the jump.   Read more »

Sorry, right number

Today marks the premiere of the Operavore radio show on WQXR, and La Cieca (pictured) invites you all to share in the merriment at 12:30 PM EST. La Casa della Cieca will be open with your doyenne in attendance for both this epochal event and what will doubtless be the anticlimax of the Met broadcast debut of Maria Stuarda immediately following.


Chat without tears

Your doyenne invites you to drop by La Casa della Cieca.

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The next voice you hear

La Cieca is delighted to announce that she has joined the cast of WQXR’s radio edition of “Operavore.”

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