As if Massenet’s ghost forbade the opera

“How the Dying Composer’s Sentimental Whim Was Invoked by Lucy Arbell, the English Prima Donna, to Forbid Mary Garden to Sing the Title Role in Cleopatra.” Yes, this should turn out well. [The Washington Times]

Mary Garden was eating grapes

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“Why Great Prima Donnas Are So Unreasonable”

“Because, science tells us, the expression centres in their brains take up all the blood supply, and the poor little higher, inhibitory centres are starved.” [The Salt Lake Tribune, June 23, 1912]

“Too Tired to Attend Opening Night of the Opera”

“Even Mary Garden herself is said to be in a state of mind because Mme. Bourskaya has been given several of Mary’s best roles.”

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What would Mary Garden do?

…Miss Garden never even turned her head, although the noise was directly behind her.”

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Mary Garden is not tall; diets to keep slender

“Her manner is straightforward, even blunt at times, though she is a match for any diplomat.”

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Miss Mary Garden climbs Mont Blanc

“For two days after,” she wrote, “I felt absolutely exhausted, and my eyes hurt me from the glare of the snow. But now I feel splendid, and my lungs feel twice as strong and in fine shape for Salome.”

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Mary Garden to go Salome three better

“They now say if they can prevent it, Mary will not dance in Minneapolis, even in seven veils, to make no mention of four.”

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Slate a lecture

Miss Garden has prepared no titles for her lectures, explaining, ‘I will speak as I feel’.”

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Mary Garden better

Mary Garden, it was announced last night, ate a Christmas dinner consisting of ‘sweetbreads, petits pois, and Maraschino punch’.”

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