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  • steveac10: In contrast, the Minnesota Opera’s 4 performance run of The Shining premiere that opens tomorrow night is completely sold... 8:18 PM
  • steveac10: While savvy (and realistic) pricing schemes could be of great help, the reality is that that a drastic rethinking of the... 8:04 PM
  • aulus agerius: San Diego Opera is targeting right now 50% discount on selected seats for tomorrow night’s opening of Great Scott. I... 7:41 PM
  • DonCarloFanatic: I should make it clear that my young friend could tell how vastly superior Pavarotti was to the current tenor, who shall... 7:41 PM
  • Patrick Mack: Sweet Lord is our suffering never to end? First Trump, now this? Did you know Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim share... 7:40 PM
  • Operngasse: The LA system is interesting. San Francisco Opera has a system for senior/student/mil itary rush tickets where it announces... 7:37 PM
  • phoenix: Martin Katz and I went to see Mme. Middleton (as Elvira in Verdi’s Ernani) – Katz knew her quite well. Yes, there was... 7:24 PM
  • gustave of montreal: aaaaaaaaah!!! did anyone call the ambulance? 6:59 PM

Glass, Gandhi, Occupy: Action

As suggested in Part I of this piece, to experience Glass’s Satyagraha as a purely aesthetic experience is unfortunately to succumb to a romantic ideology promoting detached reflection on art which is wholly inapplicable to such a politically-charged opera. The idea that Gandhi’s action-oriented philosophy would be packaged and sold for the sake of passive introspection would have bothered him deeply. Read more »

Glass, Gandhi, Occupy: Performance

That Philip Glass’s opera about Gandhi’s nonviolent civil disobedience should be revived by the Metropolitan Opera in 2011—a year marked by nonviolent revolutions and uprisings around the globe—is timely, to say the least. The most recent production of his Satyagraha (1979) was first premiered by the Met in the spring of 2008 as America stood on the precipice of the most devastating economic crisis in three-quarters of a century. Read more »

Truth, force

Critic Ann Binlot draws some perhaps rather obvious parallels between Satyagraha and the Occupy Wall Street movement in a brief feature on ARTINFO.