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  • messa di voce: Ica Classics, taken from the original BBC tapes. Much better sound (especially in the duets... 3:43 PM
  • La Cieca: You get the whole thing, in a big red cloth-covered box that looks big enough to hold a pair of... 3:38 PM
  • Constantine A. Papas: For some sopranos, the age of 41 is the beginning, but for Callas was the end. Her... 3:37 PM
  • Clita del Toro: A question. If one orders the set from Amazon now @ about $270 for the complete studio... 3:34 PM
  • dramaturgical dame: httpv://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=9zq1 ilh9hWU 3:23 PM
  • Milady DeWinter: No messa – I have been looking for that Medea in particular – what label? Thanks... 3:23 PM
  • Ilka Saro: Agreed. He’s just too old. I am surprised it’s not Placido Domingo, who seems to be... 3:15 PM
  • Krunoslav: Bill You are used to the Viennese tradition! Seefried and Stich-randall and Reichskorporal Frau... 3:15 PM
  • DellaCasaFan: Milady de Winter, I feared that this would be the case… Lohengrin, this is OT: For male... 3:08 PM
  • messa di voce: “no match to Berti’s woody” If you say so. 2:57 PM

Frank O’Hara, thou shouldst be living at this hour!

peters_thumbI was trotting along and suddenly it started raining and snowing and you said it was hailing but hailing hits you on the head hard so it was really snowing and raining and I was in such a hurry to meet you but the traffic was acting exactly like the sky and suddenly I see a headline BERNADETTE PETERS KEEPING HER ‘FOLLIES’ OPTIONS OPEN! [NYT]

The view from Kareol

kleiber_thumbPoet of the podium Carlos Kleiber leads the final minutes of Tristan und Isolde from the mystic abyss of Bayreuth, circa 1975. Read more »