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  • armerjacquino: Fine if you have a car, it’s about an hour’s drive. Bit of a ballache otherwise. 11:38 AM
  • Regina delle fate: Where exactly is Caramoor? Far from NYC? Or doable in an evening? 11:37 AM
  • armerjacquino: It’s impossible to set any large scale theatrical event up in ‘the next few... 11:35 AM
  • Regina delle fate: Fabiano was Fab in the Glynditz Traviata. Roll on Poliuto next year. 11:34 AM
  • Regina delle fate: Sadly, she isn’t singing Matilde in the Torino Tell in Edimburgo. We’ve got... 11:33 AM
  • Regina delle fate: It’s really a shame that Miricioiu’s prime was not spent in the world’s... 11:31 AM
  • Opera Teen: I believe I heard somewhere that Larmore would be Mere Marie. 11:29 AM
  • dr.malatempra: Kelsey will also be the Rigoletto here in Santa Fe next season with Brian Hymel as the... 11:28 AM
  • kashania: Kelsey’s career is on the rise. He is now singing major Verdi roles in places like Chicago,... 11:21 AM
  • Gualtier M: Yes: Rossini’s “Otello̶ 1; with Michael Spyres as the Moor of Venice... 11:20 AM

More news from the future

Here La Cieca has scarcely returned home from a very pleasant concert performance of Pipe Dream (feeble show, attractive songs, fine cast) and what should she find in her inbox but an alert from the Playbill Club. You know, that online service that offers discounts on shows that aren’t selling so well. But this is the first time she has ever seen the Playbill Club offer… well, see for yourself after the jump. Read more »