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Christopher Corwin

Christopher Corwin began writing for Parterre Box in 2011 under the pen name of “DeCaffarrelli.” He has lived in New York City for over 25 years where he attends opera and other performing arts events regularly. Like many, he came to opera via the Saturday Met Opera broadcasts which he began listening to at age 11. Thanks to the rich collection of LPs at his local library he learned and grew to especially love 17th and 18th century opera.

Gewitter und Sturm

The wild tempest that whipped and drenched the audience as it exited the Met after Tuesday’s season premiere of Wagner’s Der Fliegende Holländer mirrored the finer features of the evening: Michael Volle’s anguished Dutchman and Yannick Nézet-Séguin’s lithe and fiery conducting.  Read more »

Spin the dial

In preparation for tomorrow night’s revival of Der fliegende Holländer at the Met, it’s time for you, the cher public, to check how well do you know your Sentas. After the jump, a quiz featuring 15 singers performing Senta’s Ballad. Your task is to identify all of them, in the correct order, in the comments section below.  Read more »

Haydn in plain sight

Although his operas don’t get much love, Haydn often wrote beautifully for the voice. “Trove Thursday” presents a sampling of the master’s vocal works: two celebrated scenas sung by Cecilia Bartoli and Magdalena Kozená, along with a pair of opera arias from bad-girl Simone KermesRead more »

Same steppes, different dancers

Is there a more gorgeous male voice before the public today than Peter Mattei’s? Has Anna Netrebko ever sounded better?

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Through a glass vaguely

Any production of Der Rosenkavalier that can transform the usually excruciating first half of the third act into a hilarious romp already has my vote.

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Their sound is gone out into all lands

“Trove Maundy Thursday” offers a recent un-HIP version of Handel’s Messiah.

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Da drin ist die silberne Ros’n

A week from tonight the Met premieres an eagerly anticipated new Der Rosenkavalier, its first in nearly 50 years—probably to the dismay of many grown used to the venerable Nathaniel Merrill–Robert O’Hearn production. As a preview “Trove Thursday” offers a live broadcast of Richard Strauss’s most popular opera with a delicious cast headed by Régine Crespin, Elisabeth Söderström, Anneliese Rothenberger and Oscar Czerwenka, Leopold Ludwig conducting. 

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Blood and Gorr

Massenet’s La Navarraise in a live performance featuring Rita Gorr as Anita and George Shirley as Araquil.

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The most dangerous game

“Trove Thursday” presents a recording of the rare L’Olimpiade featuring Joan Caplan and Rita Shane in the two leading castrato roles.

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Dancing with the stars

“Trove Thursday” presents Altre Stelle, a fascinating performance piece which includes superb renditions of excerpts from operas by Berlioz, Cherubini, Gluck and Rameau.

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