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Slavic hero

Happy 45th birthday baritone Mariusz Kwiecien

On this day in 1890 Borodin’s Prince Igor premiered in St Petersburg.

Happy 71st birthday soprano Luciana Serra.

Happy 61st birthday soprano Joan Rodgers.


  • Ivy Lin

    I know People Places and Things got all sorts of awards at the West End and I’m so glad I got to see it across the pond. Everyone, go. Denise Gough gives an amazing performance.

    • Dame Kenneth

      Thanks, Ivy, for your reviews. How on earth did you snag a ticket for DEH with Platt? I’d love to see him before he departs, but don’t feel I can part with $500 for a premium ticket!
      Dame K

      • Ivy Lin

        On there’s a thread called “DEH Cancellation Line” where this guy CT2NYC has been telling us about random non-premium seats that pop up on Telecharge. This is the way I’ve seen it twice and I also bought two other tickets for my friends who were dying to see it.
        Here’s the thread:

    • Rowna Sutin

      Well that was gross. I couldn’t finish it. Can we all agree that she has the disaster appeal? You just watch in disbelief!

      • You really have to watch to the end.

        • Cicciabella

          That poor man. His ticket should have been refunded.

        • Nelly della Vittoria

          I was watching through my fingers and also refused to switch to fullscreen: does she — did she — y-dray ump-hay that poor man??

          • Camille

            No, Nell--she gave him a lap dance.

            Sometimes—Coloraturas Just Wanna Have Fun—


            • Nelly della Vittoria

              Camille, apologies; I cannot in this too-brief life watch another performance of Glitter and be Gay; you understand.

              But honestly, to clamber onto your audience member’s laps and jiggle your screaming body over them is (millennial phrase incoming) borderline rapey even if the goddamn compulsory heteronormativity that allows the joke to “make sense” weren’t gross enough.

            • Camille

              LMAO, Nell!!!

              Well, it is borderline, I grant you that, as in bordertown Tijuana.

              You know, some guys might like it and this guy may have been a plant, or I do hope so.

      • Armerjacquino

        Funnily enough, yesterday, for the first time ever, I heard a Kermes recording that I thought was good. Very very good, actually- it was ‘O Zittre Nicht’ and it was one of the best I’ve heard. Rep that suits her voice for once, and of course it helps if you can’t see her.

      • Nelly della Vittoria

        And we thought it was bad back when she was just doing that dance when she sang the I Masnadieri aria!

        • Camille

          Yeah. Let’s give it another look-see:

          • Nelly della Vittoria

            Ermahgerd STAHP; it’s inaccurate and bad even without the cavorting. And she cavorts like a person who’s never really had fun but learnt about it from zombies in punk rock videos.

            • Camille

              All right, all right, Nelly; I promise to go straight!

    • Daniel Swick

      No taste. And that’s saying a LOT in the world of opera.

  • Rosina Leckermaul

    Saw THE CONSUL at the Chicago Opera Theater last night. The production proved that the work should stay in opera oblivion. Racette was game but the top notes — oy! Vicki Livengood stole the show--too bad her character gets killed off halfway through.

    • Camille

      Livengood knows how to make a good liven’ at stealing shows—she was doing that in the early aughties when her turn as Sonya the Slut made me sit upright in the last act of Katerina Ismailova. Stealing from Cathy Malfitano is a tuff act, too, so more power to her.

  • Daniel Swick

    That Luciana Serra clip is fun. It’s a weird voice…kind of a coloratura Zampieri. Technical facility wedded to a voice that just ain’t very pretty. I love the way she builds up a trill and then doesn’t bother to deliver one too! LOL But the high Staccati are on point and she knows her way around Rossini coloraturas. And they must have blown the costume budget on that lamé shmatte.

  • Susan Szbornak

    Haaaay, Mariusz, me love you long time!