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She’s got possibilities

Happy 80th birthday actress Linda Lavin

Born on this day in 1889 soprano Margaret Burke Sheridan.

Born on this day in 1905 mezzo-soprano Bruna Castagna.

Born on this day in 1925 mezzo-soprano Oralia Dominguez.

Happy 86th birthday baritone Heinz Horst Blankenburg.

Happy 76th birthday soprano Suzanne Murphy.

  • 4:08

    Sometimes a moment stays in your mind forever….Here is one..I still weep

    • Magpie

      I always thought that her butterfly had the most pathos of all butterflies I have heard on record. And that voice! It rivaled Tebaldi’s.

    • Dan Patterson

      Truly the best Butterfly on records. Nothing that spectacular, perhaps, but it’s all so heartfelt and moving.