Cher Public

“Madame is the greatest diva of them all”

And after this CD (due in October) she’ll make another, and another! 

  • actfive

    “Really, really, really…”

  • CwbyLA

    I love her voice, her phrasing, and her musicality.

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Very curious as to what’s on the album, and who the duets are with . . .

    • calaf47

      Joseph Calleja is the tenor on the CD.

  • Degan

    Nr. Interpret Titel Dauer

    1 Gheorghiu, Angela Cavalleria Rusticana: “Regina coeli” (Santuzza) 04:36

    2 Gheorghiu, Angela Cavalleria Rusticana: “Voi Lo Sapete O Mamma” (Santuzza) 03:41

    3 Gheorghiu, Angela Cavalleria Rusticana: “Tu qui, Santuzza” (Alfio, Santuzza) 09:25

    4 Gheorghiu, Angela 36 Arie di Stile Antico, Vol. II, No. 3: “O Del Mio Amato Ben” 04:21

    5 Gheorghiu, Angela Tosca, Act 2: “Vissi d’arte” (Tosca) 03:16

    1 Gheorghiu, Angela Mefistofele, Act 3: “Spunta l’aurora pallida” (Margherita) 03:39

    2 Gheorghiu, Angela Eternamente (arranged by Tudor) 04:53

    3 Gheorghiu, Angela Ombra di Nube 03:24

    4 Gheorghiu, Angela La Gioconda, Op. 9, Act 4: “Suicidio” (Gioconda) 04:14

    5 Gheorghiu, Angela Gli Zingari, Act 2: “La canzone di Fleana” (Fleana) 03:04

    6 Gheorghiu, Angela Andrea Chénier, Act 4: “Vicino a te s’acqueta” (Chénier, Maddalena) 07:45

    • Lady Abbado

      Wow, where did you find this list? It’s more interesting than I was expecting, but of course the critics will say she’s wearing hats too big for her (voice): Cavalleria Rusticana, Gioconda, etc.

      Here’s a live rendition of Ombra di Nube:

  • Camille

    I believe the “vehicle” by which Norma Desmond wished to drive herself back into our hearts was “Sa-LOW-may”, nichts?

    Mightn’t that be yet another tactical terz’età consideration to be made by the diva du thread? Of course, there is always FOLLIES, to follow….