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Chat: Nabucco

nabuccoListen and discuss, cher public, as the Met broadcasts Nabucco beginning at 1:00 pm today. (Photo: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera)

  • La Cieca

    For those of you who miss the old format: I miss it too. The problem is that I can’t moderate the chat (since as JJ I am attending the live performances that are being broadcast) and I am diffident about asking a volunteer to commit to what is some weeks more than 10 hours of babysitting.

    But I have realized that I also cannot have an unmoderated chat on the site because a few users of the chat indulge in foul language, personal attacks and, in some cases, defamatory statements that could potentially put the site at risk for charges of libel. It is a grey area legally but for now at least I don’t think the benefits of the chat justify the potential risk to the site and to me personally.

    Setting up a chat page is not difficult and there are even free chat services available. If someone among the parterrians cared to set up and administer an off-site chat I would be happy to allow a link to that chat to be published to though always with the understanding that there is no official connection between this site and the chat.

    Otherwise you can discuss broadcasts in the comments section here.

    • DonCarloFanatic

      La C., is this problem because of the public nature of the chat as hosted by Disqus?

      • Armerjacquino

        Wrong way round. The chats were moved onto Disqus because of this problem.

    • Batty Masetto

      Cieca, I too miss the chats, and sympathize with the problem. The chats were the part of Parterre that I probably valued most of all, yet I certainly am in no position to be a moderator myself. What an unfortunate dilemma, and all because of just a few people who can’t behave like grownups… :(

  • CwbyLA

    Monastyrska was painful to watch. She came alive in the last 4 minutes in her death scene but other than that her stock postures were tiring. She also did not seem comfortable singing. I was truly amazed by Placido Domingo. While I prefer a baritone in the role, he sang pretty well considering his age. Thomas and Barton were the highlights for me.

    • “she came alive in the last 4 minutes in her death scene…” LOLOL so she was all like “Oh hi…oh bye.” How convenient. Nice phrasing there btw (and I don’t mean that in a snarky way). It doesn’t surprise me that she is polarizing given her tendency to take a while to get into character…I don’t mind that because when she is “on” she’s pretty damn good. And I love how her voice is kind of odd and sort of in between a dramatic and lyric voice. Many of the great singers don’t fit neatly into any one vocal category either.

      I still haven’t seen the HD but I did start watching the 2001 performance with La Guleghina. I am enjoying it thus far and given that La G is still very much alive and singing I am going to do a comparison after I finish watching that and the HD :-D.

  • Juicy Bjoerling

    do they still have nabucco enter by walking in in act I? when the production first premiered in the early 2000’s, they had a pretty stunning effect in having nabucco enter on a chariot with a battering ram, which rams the doors open. but the last time i saw it (5 years ago?), the doors just open and nabucco just strolls in with a couple of soldiers.