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UPDATE: I am now rushing to make a 3:00 flight. Details of the press conference cannot be divulged until 2:00 PM CST. Check back here at parterre for the tidings!  

EARLIER: Greetings from the Windy City, where I, Opera Teen (not pictured) am at the press conference eagerly awaiting the announcement of Lyric Opera of Chicago’s 2016-2017 season!

  • LT

    On a more gossipy note -- have Abdrazakov and Frittoli broken up? On FB he wrote that he’s in a civil union with some other woman.

  • Barnabas

    Late to the parterre party as usual but I must nullify it all by bemoaning the fact that back in the day Lyric would give at least eight performances of each opera so each full subscription got the full meal. But now? Only six performances of Rheingold and just FIVE of Troyens, oh but, and I still can’t believe this, TWENTY-FIVE, twenty-five, 25 of My Fair Lady. Sadly, I fear it is going down the tubes like the rest of this fetid city.

    • steveac10

      I’m willing to give companies a pass for presenting classic musicals as long as they are primarily vocal oriented shows and they’re using a real orchestra, which Broadway classics rarely get these days. Look at it this way -- the money they make off of The Sound of Music or My Fair Lady is giving them some of the resources they need to do Troyens.

      • tekalynn

        Eugene Opera (my town’s opera company) put on Sweeney Todd last year and will do West Side Story next year. This year we have two grand operas (Lucia, Eugene Onegin) and two chamber operas (Turn of the Screw, Little Women).

      • pirelli

        Except -- what happened to the supposed 5-year contract with the Rodgers And Hammerstein Organization? The original plan was Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, Carousel, The King And I (later this season) and South Pacific (next season). (And My Fair Lady is a Tams-Witmark property, not controlled by R&H at all.) Did R&H somehow decide to pull the rights? Did the Lyric decide they needed a slight change of pace after 4 years of R&H? Was this something related to casting plans?

        Hearing the radio broadcasts, I felt that The Sound Of Music and Carousel were done well (Oklahoma was not). I imagine that South Pacific would have been a good sell for them. I wonder what happened.

        • YigeLi

          From what I heard in their event for subscribers that night, South Pacific will be staged the following season.

          The production of My Fair Lady, different from the previous musical productions at Lyric all being new productions, will be imported from Théâtre du Châtelet by Robert Carsen. And so will be the case for South Pacific.

  • pirelli

    Thanks for the info. Speaking of the Théâtre du Châtelet and opera companies doing musicals, I am thrilled that a colleague of mine is going to be co-starring with Natalie Dessay in the upcoming production of Sondheim’s “Passion” there -- playing the role of Clara will be Boston’s own wonderful Erica Spyres, who also just happens to be tenor Michael Spyres’ sister. Though I’m still very interested to see how Dessay will negotiate the vocal range and intense acting required for Fosca, I can absolutely say that Spyres is a perfect choice for Clara. ;-)

  • Speaking of Broadway my mom makes her return to a Broadway theatre over 40 years later: