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Sinking ship

Casting for The Sound of Music at Cape Cod Melody Tent Lyric Opera of Chicago is now complete: “Billy Zane, star of James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic and Broadway’s  Chicago,  cast as Captain von Trapp.”


  • Ruxxy says:

    Lordy lordy -- can this be true? -- a fight over “The Sound of Music” -- and it’s not even one of Andrew Lloyd Webbers!

    • RosinaLeckermaul says:

      The major question is why a major opera company is doing SOUND OF MUSIC in a 3000 seat theatre. Dialogue in a large opera house always seems hammy, particularly bad dialogue and the miking is seldom as good as one gets at a Broadway musical. This is far from Rodgers best score, but it is questionable whether any of his scores belongs in a giant opera house. His best scores are better served by productions in smaller venues performed by good singing actors. Even as a box office decision, this seems lame. The show has just been on tv, albeit in a tacky production. Are folks who normally don’t go to the opera going to run there to see it? Are Lyric Opera fans dying to see it? Are Billy Zane fans (are there any?) dying to see him in THE SOUND OF MUSIC?
      I’m a fan of good musicals, but not in opera houses.

      • La Cieca says:

        These questions should perhaps be directed to the company’s Creative Consultant, who is reportedly paid a half million dollars a year to consult on creative ideas like this.

        Or you could ask Anthony Freud, who will answer, “I didn’t plan this season.”

        • ailsamegan says:

          Oh god -- here we go again. Let’s all blame Renee Fleming. Boring!!

          • Grane says:

            Aren’t they supposed to be doing an opera of Bel Canto? I must be one of the few curmudgeons that didn’t like the book. I can’t believe among all those hostages and terrorists there wasn’t one person who hated opera.

            • antikitschychick says:

              LMAO good one Grane :-P . I never read that book…I read Renee’s book in which she did talk about that Bel Canto book lol. The story seems plausible to me only if it were Renee in that situation and would thus be the one getting to sing to the terrorists. *On a good day* when she was in her prime I fully believe the effect of her voice could be that powerful. Now, if its someone like Danielle de Niese…well, it becomes less plausible at that point. Not that she isn’t a good singer or performer, a scenario of that nature (in which lives are at stake) requires exceptional talent imo.

            • Grane says:

              Maybe she’ll be wearing one of her sexy leotards.

            • Cicciabella says:

              Grane, I very much wanted to like the book but gave up reading it halfway through. The plot is intriguing, but I found the narration heavy-going and the characters one-dimensional. Maybe the second half of the book is much better. An operatic version has the potential to be much better than the book, provided the libretto is good. The plot development will be brisker and the score and theatrical interpretation can add interesting layers to the characters.

            • Grane says:

              That’s a good point, Cicciabella. So much of the book consisted of people thinking about stuff. An opera will, of necessity, have to do away with all the narration. I think Patchett is a good writer, but there was just too much “writing!”

      • javier says:

        they are trying this out to see if it sells. if it doesn’t sell they will just do extra performances of tosca, faust, or aida.

      • peter says:

        “Are folks who normally don’t go to the opera going to run there to see it?”

        This from their website:
        Third week added due to popular demand!
        Now April 25-May 18.

        • norma54 says:

          POPULAR DEMAND is a joke…….. tickets aren’t selling at all …… a third week was always planned. Just like OKLAHOMA!, thousands of tickets will be given away or heavily discounted. Rosina couldn’t be more accurate !!!

      • operaassport says:

        It’s worse than you think. LOC has a 3800 plus seat theatre!

  • bluecabochon says:

    Billy Zane as Max…. not the Captain!

  • Gualtier M says:

    Note to musical lovers: All remaining tickets for tonight’s New York Philharmonic “Sweeney Todd” with Emma Thompson and Bryn Terfel have been discounted at $75.00 for any and all locations. Just picked up a First Tier box for $77.50 with the facility charge tacked on. Get ‘em while they last.

    The other two shows are not discounted -- yet. Also it is being filmed for television.

    • mountmccabe says:

      My wife saw this earlier this afternoon and we now have some nice orchestra seats! I was afraid we were going to have to miss out!

      Do we know which performance(s) will be filmed?

      • mountmccabe says:

        This night was certainly filmed, no idea about the other four shows.

        And this was a fantastic evening. It was entertaining staged and I don’t know that I’ve ever heard the score this well done.

        Bryn Terfel had the presence, a great voice and that exciting half snarl. Emma Thompson was hilarious and had a mostly passable voice for the role. Audra McDonald was the surprise as the Beggar Woman, especially as that isn’t a very meaty part and she didn’t really get to belt her “City on fire!”

  • At 1:42: Billy Zane’s finest cinematic moment. Too bad they’re not doing this as a musical.

    • almavivante says:

      Beg to differ. Zane’s finest moment is while acting undraped (though not, alas, frontally) in 1989′s Dead Calm, when he forces (forces? yes, forces) Nicole Kidman to go down on him. True, if I were being held captive by a psycho on a yacht in the middle of nowhere, and in Nicole’s position, I’d have bitten it off, but no one would have had to force me.