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At last, the quintessential targeted reader of has been identified. Undoubtedly, he is “Marc,” the subject of Angela Christlieb‘s documentary Naked Opera, who “travels the world to see Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni in which he finds the perfect representation of a life without compromise: intense and profound, full of love and passion.”

The film, featured in this year’s Berlinale, follows Marc as he  “escapes from his businessman routine to indulge in entertainment, pleasure, luxurious hotels and young companions.”  Pictured is one of those “young companions,” Jordan Fox, “proud winner of the Best European Top Award at the 2011 Hustlaball, the Oscars of the gay porn world,” here pictured in the foyer of Berlin’s Komische Oper. [via Intermezzo]

  • papopera

    Obviously, with this tiny packet, he is definitely no John Holmes.

  • Clita del Toro

    papopera, Ya never know! I have been pleasantly fooled many times.

    • marshiemarkII

      Very true Clitissssima adoree, it could be a major grower for all we know, and he does have a perfect stomach, but I find the scrawny legs far more worrisome…..dontcha agree carissssima? Not really top class, that’s for sure!

      • Clita del Toro

        Caramarshi, you really can’t see all of his legs. “Bottom” class?

      • marshiemarkII

        Clitadoree, true you can’t see all of them, but the thighs leave much to be desired, not full enough, especially for Mr 2011????? Maybe grade B?
        Yes “Bottom” class :-) :-) :-)

        • whatever

          actually, a little googling and a quick surf of his blog will reveal that the photo above does not do justice to mr. fox’ … er … oeuvre.

          • manou


          • Rory Williams

            LOL @ Manou

          • oedipe

            Ou hors d’oeuvre…

          • Rory Williams

            Just Googled. Oh, my!

          • shoegirl

            There is a lot to be said for a “surprise.”

    • luvtennis

      MANY times, Clita????? MANY times. I refuse to believe that you aren’t the soul of chastity.

      • Clita del Toro


  • bassoprofundo

    sorry for going off topic, but I’ve got a technical question. Whenever I click on a comment link in the comment feed, I end up… not getting directed to the right comment in the respective thread. Am I the only one this happens to?

    • Clita del Toro

      it happens all the time.

    • la vociaccia

      unless said comment is on the last page (or if there is only one page of comments), you will be directed to the last page.

      • bassoprofundo

        I suppose that sort of defeats the purpose of linking to a comment then. Given that the replies to this threads are dynamic, i.e., if a certain thread has 5 pages of comments but someone replies to a comment on page 3, it would make sense then that when you click on that comment on the side bar, you get taken to page 3, where the reply is, not to page 5, then having to click back.

        In fact, I just looked now: if you hover over the link on the comment in question, it has a unique address, not just the page address for the thread, but the actual comment has a unique address. or whatever, and the next one would be So this means that you should in theory be directed right to that comment. But instead you get sent to the last page. Odd.

        • armerjacquino

          You can go direct to any comment from the ‘comment feed’ page, if it’s recent enough to be on there.

          • Cocky Kurwenal

            Not always unfortunately, Armerj. It seems haphazard, sometimes it does, sometimes it just takes me to the very end of the comment feed.

          • Clita del Toro

            Sometimes I just give up because I don’t want to go through a hundred posts.

        • manou

          Hello basso -- you are a bit late, but welcome to the party.

          The comments have their little idiosyncrasies. Sometimes they will indeed take you to the comment. Sometimes they sulk and will only show you the last page of the thread. And the Comments Feed continues this lackadaisical behaviour by updating according to its whims. Sometimes immediately, sometimes a couple of minutes later. It depends which minion of the blogosphere is on duty. You can subscribe to the RSS Comments Feed, but that is also a law unto itself.

          This is the passion of the Comments Feed.

          • peter

            Remember when a click on one of the comments would take you directly to the right comment on the right page? It was possible not that long ago. I guess La Cieca doesn’t really care.

          • manou

            Where is your sense of adventure Peter?

          • Peter, believe me. La Cieca cares. It is a failure of communications between the part of WordPress that does paged comments and the other part of WordPress that displays the most recent comments in the side column.

            The problem is this: if I were to do away with paged comments, the links in the recent comments would go to the correct comment. But meanwhile you would have pages with 200, 300 or more comments displaying, which would take a long time to load and (so I am told) would crash some browsers.

            The alternative would be to remove the links from the recent comments display, but those do sometimes work, in fact most of the time except when the comments on a given post run to several hundreds.

            My recommendation is to load the comments feed page which will include recent comments except those that have been posted in the last minute or so.

            There’s no perfect solution at the moment.

          • Camille

            Cieca carissima—
            I KNOW you care, and I think we should strive to be patient with the limitations, as not a one of We the Parterriat have to deal with all this organizational mess now WordPress. Now, perhaps someone of us out there could come up with a better solution or if the technically savvy persons out there put their collective heads together, perhaps another or a better solution could be discovered. At any rate, dear, thank you for all these years of tears of laughter, and in bocca al lupo to you, Dear Doyenne, when you make your debut on Saturday.

            As ever—
            Me & Boris

            PS--make sure to wear your best 5 inch Louboutins! XxxxxxxxxX

  • Luxembourg. Your tax havens at work.

    • manou

      Luxure. Your sex heavens in the works.

    • shoegirl

      Oddly enough not a very gay place. I’ve very close friends there and they live across the border in Belgium but work in Luxembourg -- apparently everyone does it. And because Luxembourg is still quite catholic, they have better same-sex civil marriage laws in Belgium -- so much so that when they moved, they received a welcome to Belgium from the local commune, quite explicitly welcoming them as a dyke couple.

      Luxembourg does have a little opera house, but its quite small -- easy to drive to Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Brussels or down into die Schweiz.

  • Salome Where She Danced

    Jordan Fox is from Strasbourg, so he is a highly cultured Alsatian lad.

  • phoenix
  • louannd

    Undoubtedly, he is “Marc,” the subject of Angela Christlieb‘s documentary Naked Opera, who “travels the world to see Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni in which he finds the perfect representation of a life without compromise: intense and profound, full of love and passion.”

    Gee, I was hoping it would be Dan Savage, hiring sitters and nannies wherever he goes.

  • DharmaBray

    No need to Google. It’s all here:

    Has anyone seen a trailer of this film? Sounds (ahem) a bit too close to home (sans luxurious hotels).

    • marshiemarkII

      Clitadoree, it IS a grower, and how! and that prepuce is well delicious, no?

  • Maria Malcontent

    Please note, the award was for the best European top. (Yawn)