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Turban planning

Press release: “Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Renée Fleming Wears Her Creative Consultant Hat in Chicago and On the Road”


  • manou says:

    Ensuring her creative consultations will be fruitful?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Na, it’s probably about her singing for NATO and the Queen of England.

  • Bosah says:

    Love the hat.

    There’s no link, perhaps for a reason, but I’m assuming the press release is about her upcoming HBO special masterclass or perhaps her being the only American to perform in the Queen’s Jubilee Concert?

    Here’s the Masterclass trailer:

    I’m thrilled that opera singing actually is getting some attention on a major US network.

    The Jubilee concert is listed as being shown on ABC in the US on June 5 and live the night before in the UK/Commonwealth.

    • Bosah says:

      Trying the HBO trailer again.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

      Kiri must be seething!

      • Bosah says:

        Yup, good point. Fleming’s inclusion actually is surprising. She’s the only classical singer and the only American. Quite a get for La Fleming.

        • ianw2 says:

          Well, let’s face it, when you’re hiring an American classical musician its Renee or Yo-Yo.

          • Bosah says:

            Yes, probably, but I doubt somebody said,
            “Hey, we need an American classical singer,” and then looked around. Especially given that the concert is generally pop/rock and she was a later addition. They hired her for a reason. It’ll be interesting to see what she sings.

          • redbear says:

            It was noted in the UK press that no UK singer was hired to sing before the queen.

          • CruzSF says:

            Doesn’t that Queen like British singers?

          • Camille says:

            Actually, yes, it is a little surprising a UK or Commonwealth singer is not used in this instance. I mean, what if a foreign born person had sung at Obama’s inauguration, e.g.? How would that have settled with John Q. Public???
            Just sayin’….

          • Bosah says:

            Well, there are UK/Commonwealth singers -- three hours worth of them. Just not classical singers.

            Renee has sung often in the UK and I remember being struck when she sang at the Last Night of the Proms that they referred to her several times as “our American soprano.” She actually may be the only current, native English-speaking soprano well known in all of the countries of the Commonwealth.

            I know Renee’s success is generally downplayed, mocked or ignored by contributors here, but she does have a huge reach. I’ve always found it funny that she’s so embraced by “foreign” media (inc blogs) but not in the US -- the country she represents while she’s being praised internationally.

  • Bosah says:

    By the way, here is the website for the Young Arts foundation, which is producing the series on HBO:

    and they also have a FB page that could use some likes to show support for continuing the series with other artists and students…

  • Nerva Nelli says:

    Carmelita Pope is not just one of opera’s most celebrated sopranos, but perhaps its most convincing actress. A consummate artist, her one and only role when she stands in the spotlight is to breathe so much life into the opera’s main character that audiences lose themselves in her unforgettable performances. That is the passion of Carmelita Pope.

    • Camille says:

      Who ever is Carmelita Pope? I love her name.

      Are you attending tonight’s Salomé?

      • Nerva Nelli says:

        Carmelita Pope is in the Rula Lenska genre of “celebrity”. (Rula in the US was a complete unknown when she began her ad campaign- I know she has a UK career.) She was a replacement Stella on B’way in the original STREETCAR production; much, much later, in my television infancy she was a spokeswoman on TV for Pam, the cooking spray.

        Her other b’way credit; MAID OF THE OZARKS (1946).

        Missed the SALOME, helas.

        • Gualtier M says:

          Here is Carmelita Pope in the actual 70′s era Pam commercial at 2:36 in:

          • Camille says:

            That was fun, thanks! I had completely forgotten Eastern Airlines, the Wings of Man.

            With a name like Carmelita Pope she should have been spraying extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil.

  • Rusalka says:

    Yes, I know I am off topic but I could not resist to pass on this charming picture :)

  • casualoperafan says:

    The Bourvil video is truly truly strange but fun! Despitenhime being a comedic actor the whole thing is somewhat creepy!!!!

      • PushedUpMezzo says:

        Thanks to you and Manou for the Bourvil reminders. Somehow always get these one word artists muddled up -- Bourvil, Fernandel, Cantinflas -- but there’s plenty fun to be had there. The Alagna album (tribute to Luis Mariano) is possibly my biggest guilty pleasure, especially the Mexico yodelling song and the absolutely relentless C’Est Magnifique.