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  • marshiemarkII: You surely meant enseñalE, no chikie querida? 4:59 PM

News! News! News! News! News! News! News!

The acclaimed Théâtre du Châtelet production of Nixon in China will, unlike the revolution, be televised: this evening, to be precise, which translates to a start time of 2:00 PM here in NYC. A video player is embedded after the jump.

The cast includes Franco Pomponi (Richard Nixon), Alfred Kim (Mao Zedong), June Anderson (Pat Nixon), Sumi Jo (Jiang Qing – Mme. Mao), Kyung Chun Kim (Zhou Enlai) and Peter Sidhom (Henry Kissinger). Musical direction is by Alexander Briger and the production is directed by Chen Shi-Zheng.

Photo: Marie-Noëlle Robert