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What the frock

“Joined by Maestro Kohn, Ms. Gheorghiu was a vision of couture fit for the cover of Vogue. Wearing a long flowing salmon gown with a long train gathered by a dazzling rosette in the waist, Gheorghiu entered the hall to an adoring public transfixed by her glamorous presence. Let’s face it, when people fall in love with a true diva, the music sometimes becomes secondary.” This is La Cieca’s kind of arts journalism!

  • brooklynpunk

    “…fans from near and far. “I just love Angela. She could just do no wrong.” said Andrew Murray, who journeyed to Washington, D.C. from Pennsylvania ”

    …uhhh…was that fan from NEAR…OR…FAR..??

    (EVEN if they were from Pittsburgh..that really isn’t ALL that far…is it..?)

  • Camille

    Just delightful!

    La Cieca, is this our Intermission Feature?

  • pasavant


  • “In Mozart’s aria “Giunse alfin il momento…Deh vieni no tardar” the voice began to ellude to the full capacity of Gheorghiu’s instrument. ”

    The *editing* (spellchecker?) is apparently top-notch as well.

    Hi Camille! Hope you are feeling better.

    • Camille

      Greetings to our girl of the nearly golden west! Coppery west, maybe?

      Yes I am sitting up in bed and spitting up phlegm amd typing feverishly, as all can see. Am contemplating next taking colliodal silver but am not sure that it works for courtesans! Thanks for your sympathy.

    • Gualtier M

      Also note the use of the word “faire” instead of “fare”. This happens all the time these days with principal and principle being mixed up.

  • messa di voce

    “Gheorghiu had the audience eating out the palm of her hand, and the conductor for that matter”

    The audience was eating out Eugene Kohn?

    • Clita del Toro


  • ianw2

    The coda is my favourite.

    With an enchanted evening over with the artistry of the glamorous Romanian soprano forever etched into the hearts and minds of those blessed to be in D.C., the visitation of a musical goddess warrants a welcomed return.

    • Camille

      Wunderbar, hit the bar!!

    • tannengrin

      that was my favorite, too. It has this level of post-climax satisfaction that is always so peaceful and trance-like. The last few bars of the Lohengrin prelude, after the holy grail came all over us.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor


    The midget points out:

    At least “Rusalka,” Massenet’s “Manon” and Catalani’s “La Wally” were all familiar territory — something the soprano signaled, in the final selection by turning her back on Kohn, leaving him scrambling to keep up. Still, it was her best and most authoritative singing of the evening.

    This might have augured well for the encores, but instead Gheorghiu went fully over to the entertainment side and shimmied around the stage in her gold lamé dress with selections such as “I Could Have Danced All Night” and “Granada,” until one wondered whether she might start removing pieces of her outfit. “All the Things You Are” was sung into a microphone that was, fortunately, turned off, else it might have deafened the auditorium: a nice symbol of unrealized potential in an evening that never really seemed to find its center.

    Earlier in her review the midget reported:
    “Gheorghiu perhaps sharing the belief of diva stereotype that it is the conductor’s job to follow whatever she does. She kept coming in early or holding notes too long, leaving the orchestra skidding and sliding around her, even in what would appear to be the simplest of opening numbers, Handel’s “Ombra mai fu,” a tune so lovely and easy that irregularities are apparent even to classical music novices.”

    • Bosah

      Top-notch Midgette. The sense that she chuckled through the entire thing while writing it fits perfectly.

    • Regina delle fate

      Calling rep that Ange has recorded “familiar territory” might be wishful thinking on your part. She didn’t seem very familiar with Tosca -- despite having recorded the complete opera and filmed it -- in her stage role debut on the opening night of the Royal Opera’s new production with the recording’s conductor and at the Glyndebourne gala to celebrate EMI’s centenary, she and Alagna were the only artists who needed to read from the score -- the music was from Manon which they had recorded only months before.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    “At her final curtain call, Ms. Gheorghiu took the arm of the orchestra’s concertmaster and whisked him out of the hall, an amusing if broad hint that the night’s operatic revels were at an end. But what a delightful evening it was. Brava!”

    Here is the concert master Oleg Rylatko

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Divas and divas -- The last time Gheorghiu appeared at the Kennedy Center may have been this:

    (notice Denyce Graves and her husband in the audience at 1:14)

    • OpinionatedNeophyte

      The comments page tells you everything you need to know about the Gheorghiu claque and her ability to behave like this on stage. Any mention that she mangles Puccini’s melody for her own vocal self aggrandizement is met with scorn, hatred and near threats on one’s person. Angie as she is seems here to stay for the duration.

  • Did Angela write this review herself?

  • Bluessweet


    More airbrush than Angela

  • Chanterelle

    Whoa — this guy actually passed freshman composition?

    • jeepgerhard

      my favorite part of his “review” is: “In Mozart’s aria “Giunse alfin il momento…Deh vieni no tardar” the voice began to ellude to the full capacity of Gheorghiu’s instrument.” Huh?

      • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

        Oh, he probably just said that for affect.

  • Clita del Toro

    What a meager concert. I’d want my money back! Why bother? Quelle Princesse!

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      The thing is that they (the singers and the presenters) think it’s more than enough these days perform so little in a recital or a concert. In the old days encores were planned, but not as the final group of the published program.

  • rapt

    Not to criticize, but I think the author meant, not “Ombra mai fui,” but “Ombra mai pfui.”

  • casualoperafan

    Although I personally am completely immune to Angie Fairy Dust I have to applaud the genius of someone who manages to create such an aura for her events -- that is her true talent.

    But what really boggles my mind is that I have never personally heard a Gheorghiu performance (and from the reviews, neither has anyone else) in which there weren’t musical lapses, memory glitches, unsynchronized rhythms or other completely amateurish problems.

    Given that these engagements are so lightweight, mostly of things she has been doing for years, why can’t she just learn them once and for all? Even tho the music is “Secondary” is it THAT much of an effort?

    • Bluessweet

      Just wait ’till you get to be my age, then you’ll see.

  • casualoperafan

    This review had me laughing out loud -- very funny!!!

  • FragendeFrau82

    I think this same guy wrote a review of something Jonas sang (Faust? recital?) that was so ridiculously over the top and poorly written even I was embarrassed. ;-)

  • manou

    Here is another review

    which also makes a contribution to the title translation debate elsewhere.

    • brooklynpunk

      I guess this gent ran out of steam…or lost his translating dictionary when he got to “O mio babbino caro” …..LOL…..!!!

      (btw, manou-- “The Washington Times” is one of the more dubious journalistic enterprises , in this Country.. it sort of makes “The Telegraph”..or even “The NYPost” out to be models of liberal integrity, in comparason..!

      • manou

        Thanks for the information, brooklyn -- I did not know that!

      • Batty Masetto

        Apparently the Washington Times also believes in Photoshopping sopranos, most notably their armpits. I thought that was the sole preserve of La Cieca?

  • casualoperafan

    Now that you mention it that IS one strangely posed photograph!

    Why on earth would they use it for publicity is beyond me.

    • oedipe

      This would have been more fun, I suppose. But less glamour…
      Mom, dad and daughters:

    • aulus agerius

      I wouldn’t know for sure but I venture to guess it’s the same reason that had Wenarto pose his backup trio in the Habanera clip in similar poses. Personally I thought it was absolutely fabulous and worthy or repeated viewing!!! Even with the erotic element completely missing I think AG has very nicely shaped upper arms.