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Wendy White injured?

UPDATE: A source at tonight’s Met Faust tells La Cieca that after Wendy White fell from a platform on her entrance into the garden scene, there was an intermission, then “…her cover [Theodora] Hanslowe  went on from the ‘Eh quoi, toujours seule’ . . . . At second intermission now. Announcement just made that Wendy is ok but sent to ER for a precautionary measure. Show is delayed by 40 minutes so far.” 

EARLIER: hears that Wendy White fell “from a platform” during tonight’s Met performance of Faust.  The mezzo was reportedly injured and taken to a nearby emergency room. The curtain was brought down early on act three, but apparently the performance is continuing. The performance is scheduled to finish at 11:40, at which time we should have more details.

  • zinka

    The dear lady is on Facebook…You might wish to send her a message.Let us hope she recovers soon..It is scary…..I recall Resnik and Nilsson calling that older Elektra production the “mines”(not the mineshaft)….Very treacherous that they care about scenery rather than think of the dangers possible.

    • FragendeFrau82

      Zinka, could you give us a link? There are a lot of Wendy Whites on Facebook and I couldn’t find one that seemed to be her. Thanks in advance!

  • ellen

    I was at the performance of Makropoulos Case where Richard Versalle died. It was the Met premier of that opera, complete with a huge floral display in the lobby and an attendant buzz. Of course there were no titles, so at first most thought it was part of the show. But after a few seconds I heard the conductor call out “Dick, Dick, are you all right” (I was in the 4th row of the orchestra) and then the curtain came down. They sent the audience out for an intermission, but when they called us back they of course cancelled the performance. We had a major blizzard in NY that Sunday, so I was unable to make the next performance. I figured that opera had the “Macbeth” curse. I never did see the opera until this past June in San Francisco. I did get a little chill when that opening came about, although there was no ladder. And yes, Karita Mattila was excellent in the role.

    • Will

      In fact, that next performance was canceled because of the blizzard. Makropoulos didn’t get its MET premiere until the night of its third scheduled performance.

      Now I have just remembered that Leonard Warren was NOT the first singer to die on the MET stage in the midst of a performance. I knew the opera and the last name of the singer. Google brought me to this:

      “”On February 10, 1897, French bass Armand Castelmary suffered a heart attack onstage in the finale of act one of Flotow’s Martha. He died in the arms of his friend, tenor Jean de Reszke after the curtain was brought down. The performance resumed with Giuseppe Cernusco substituting in the role of Sir Tristram.”

      I found the above on Wikipedia. It is amazing to me that the MET would resume the performance with a substitute singer given what the audience had just seen.

      • I believe that ‘Tristan’ was also the opera that Joseph Keilberth was conducting when he died. According to Wiki he died at the same spot in the score as the conductor Felix Mottl. But that was in Munich, not at the Met.

      • ellen

        When they came out to announce the cancellation, they just said that he had been taken to the hospital, not that he was in fact already dead. It wasn’t until the next morning that I heard of the death and the eerie words he had been singing -- you never know when death will come. It was so unexpected that it was really hard to ‘compute’ as it was happening, but I can still see the set, the ladder, and hear the conductor’s voice calling out as if it had just happened. You did jog my memory about the performance following the tragedy being completely cancelled. I’m in NJ and couldn’t have made it in, but they never did have that premier until the third scheduled performance.

  • Bill

    Ellen -- yes, the premiere was cancelled after
    the fall of Richard Versaille (which at first we all
    thought was a dramatic part of the staging), having heard only about 10 minutes of music we could exchange the tickets for another performance of the opera so I decided upon the next performance which would then have been the premiere -- but a major snowstorm cancelled the second scheduled performance so the premiere became
    the third schedule performance (after exchanging tickets again).

  • I was at that Makropulos performance, too. And I was supposed to be at the one canceled because of the snow. After that, I gave up on the opera and I saw my very first Makropulos two months ago in Florence.
    About 25 years ago I was at a performance of Don Carlo in Rome. When Posa gets shot, we heard a bloodcurdling shriek from the audience. An old lady a few rows in front of me, startled by the gunshot, had suffered a heart attack and died. The performance was halted and I left, thinking that they were going to send everyone home. To my surprise, the next day I heard it had resumed after about one hour, maybe less. I found it unsavory to say the least. I think they should have canceled the rest of the performance after Ms. Wendy’s injury.

  • Vox

    Hate to hear that Wendy White tippled over.

  • La marquise de Merteuil
  • Sheldon

    A couple of hours ago, Debbie Voigt tweeted “Relieved to know Wendy White unhurt after her huge fall on stage at the Met Saturday. She’s much loved and many prayed for her. A miracle” Let’s hope DV has the unside dope, and Miss White is indeed unhurt.

    • Sheldon

      Ugh, “inside” of course. Damn my fat fingers!

      • Camille

        Don’t worry about your fingers, as they were the ones that cared enough to share this important message with us. Certainly hope it is, indeed, the case, and Ms. White is all right and recovering from that experience.

  • jimupde

    I sent Wendy White a message on Facebook wishing her well and she sent me a reply thanking me for my concern.