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bubble_shirtLa Cieca is delighted to announce the latest addition to the parterre collection at La Cieca’s Boutique: the Bubble Graph Tee. Wear your diva quantification with pride in 100% cotton, and as you walk away, they’ll know you’re a fan of parterre box. (Which is probably the best time to let that sort of information slip out anyway.) A closeup of the front design after the jump.


Available at

  • where is Maria, ah, i know, the name is the living singers

  • Quanto Painy Fakor
  • rommie

    i wonder how long the line is right now for standing room

    • papopera

      Is that the standing room for the Met’s Rheingold tonight, fans would line up so early at 08:00 in the morning ?? Does the ticket include a chastity belt ?

  • havfruen

    Too bad there is no Parterre Bubble Graph apron. Some of us are not designed for T’s. On second thought, maybe it’s not a good idea. Drinking cooks could change the graphs with a generous dribbles of Bordeaux.

  • Claudia4Ever

    i know this is off topic, but gosh, i am REALLY EXCITED for tonight!!! and the weather is perfect for The Ring!! (lol) thinking i should wear my Diva Bubble t-shirt under my gown…at least with the length of my dress no one will notice my wellies.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    I worry that the number of people tuning in to Sirius on the Internet will overload its capabilities.

    I hope I won’t be reduced to listening in my car.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Meant to add, the standee line would be more fun if there were Parterre tees being worn. Friendships might be made or renewed. Supercilious sneers might be exchanged. Duels might be fought.

  • LittleMasterMiles

    If listening online it would be a bad idea to wear your bubble graph tee, because if the website crashes there will be much wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments.

    Shhhhh! If you listen carefully I think the low E-flat has already started…

  • Dear Cieca, some of us wear only tank tops… can you make a tank top or a muscle shirt?

    • tannengrin

      how about as boxer shorts, with the bubbles in front and ‘parterre box’ across the ass? too ‘Fach’-specific?

    • LogeLizard

      … and some of us wear only muu-muus.

      Actually, I’m probably dating myself, but I was hoping that this featured the classic divas. Dare we hope for that addition to the product line?

  • rommie

    crap. i was number 78 in line and they sold out with 2 people in front of me. i feel like being in line is useless now that the internet is there and stuff.. i wouldve purchased the standing ticket online if i had enough money in my card but alas.

    oh well. apologies for the whining. i just need to air out my disappointment.

    anyone ever tried the times square telecast? this weather will be gorgeous for it. blergh.

    • brooklynpunk

      Times Square is fine…although the Opera on the Jumbo-tron has to compete with many very bright and busy neon billboards…

      It’s probably a moot point tonight , however… the weather is only gonna get worse as the day progresses…too bad, I really wanted to see opening night of this production ..!

  • and, have this blasting on portable speakers from your ipod, whilst your prance around in your bubble-T!!!