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Sing for your supper

On this day in 1930 Betty Boop made her film debut in Max Fleischer’s cartoon Dizzy Dishes. Read more »

Il divo

Born on this day in 1755 castrato and composer Luigi Marchesi. Read more »

“Thou seest, the heavens, as troubled with man’s act, threaten his bloody stage”

It is speculated that on this day in 1607 William Shakespeare’s Macbeth was first performed. It is further speculated that just before the show started, the actor playing Lady Macbeth fell ill and the Bard himself (not pictured) jumped into the role. Hell, if you’ve stayed with us this far, let’s just go all out and speculate that the stage manager was Warner Baxter. Read more »

Bring on the beautiful girls

Born on this day in 1911 actress and producer Lucille Ball.

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A world of wandering

Born on this day in 1890 conductor Erich Kleiber.

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Ariadne Inc.

Happy 59th birthday soprano Deborah Voigt.

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Such stuff as dreams are made on

Happy 59th birthday baritone Simon Keenlyside.

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The clear light

Born on this day in 1925 theatre and opera director John Dexter.

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