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Enigma variation

Many of the whinier opera fans among us live to demand “Why isn’t X singing at the Met?” and for the past decade soprano Jennifer Wilson has regularly been the subject of such plaints. But on Thursday evening Wilson “finally” made a belated, disappointing Met debut as Turandot opposite the rather more satisfactory Calaf of another newbie—Yusif Eyvazov—who bowed at last Saturday’s matinee.  Read more »

Beyond the blue horizon

That particular shade of blue is cerulean—which means “heavenly.” Besides the heavens and a sweater in The Devil Wears Prada, it is the hue of Hibla Gerzmava’s soprano, in contrast to the red or rose or red-orange voices of most sopranos. It is an easeful, lovely sound. The audience at a packed Carnegie Hall on Thursday night for “An Evening with Hibla Gerzmava” found it simply beautiful, and commented endlessly on that single factor. They were not wrong.   Read more »