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Dan Soda (Windy City Operaman) is a Chicago native whose first visit to opera was at age 17 and Massenet’s Werther with Troyanos and Kraus. Nothing was ever the same. Opera and concert performances, recordings and video are an obsession. He prepares Parterre Box’s daily birthday and anniversary tributes. He also enjoys concerts, live theater and movies.

“No one provokes me with impunity”

On this day in 1543 Mary Stuart, at nine months old, was crowned “Queen of Scots.”  Read more »

Lady with a torch

On this day in 1953 Carnival in Flanders (starring Dolores Gray) opened at The New Century Theater, to run six performances.  Read more »

I am beautiful no matter what they say

Happy 52nd birthday soprano Angela GheorghiuRead more »

Keep a low profile, hold in your stomach and be a good sport

Happy 70th birthday actress Jane Curtin.

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Sea major

Happy 57th birthday soprano Karita Mattila.

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Devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race or nation

Happy Labor/Labour Day US and Canadian Paterrians!

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Is it the girl or is it the gown?

Born on this day in 1910 soprano, television personality and arts advocate Kitty Carlisle.

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On this day in 44 BC Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt declared her son co-ruler as Ptolemy XV Caesarion.

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Intelligent life

>Happy 78th birthday actress and comedian Lily Tomlin.

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Knight, devoted

Born on this day in 1912 tenor/baritone Ramón Vinay.

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