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Born on this day in 1917 actress Celeste Holm.

Born on this day in 1842 composer Carl Millöcker.

Born on this day in 1879 conductor Thomas Beecham.

Born on this day in 1895 conductor Malcolm Sargent.

Happy 81st birthday conductor Zubin Mehta.

Happy 79th birthday bass Harald Stamm.

Happy 62nd birthday baritone Gino Quilico.

  • Ika

    Went to La Traviata in San Diego last night. Amazing Stephen Powell just poured out his gorgeous baritone as Germont. Why he is not singing at the Met and other more celebrated stages is a mystery. We are lucky to have him in San Diego so not complaining. Corinne Winters looks very pretty in all publicity photos but from the nose bleed section she appears to have issues walking on high heels and just does not seem glamorous or sexy for a courtesan. The voice projected OK but in first act she sounded hollow and unsupported and her coloratura is not her stronger asset. She also skipped high E at end of Sempre Libera and I was kind of expecting her to do it. She gained strength later on when her voice warmed up. I was not that crazy about Jesús Garcia’s Adolfo but he got a big hand at the end. Marta Domingo production is set in the 20s and at times the production does not make any sense but I found the time period effective for La Traviata. Overall enjoyable evening at the opera.