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Worst -Dressed Singers at the James Levine Gala

  • Jane Eaglen : "She looks like a shut-in."

  • Sam Ramey : "Is that a new Lily Tomlin character?"

  • June Anderson : "No way a Butterfly would ever emerge from that cocoon."

  • The Ladies of the Chorus: 'Give those $87.50 beaded tops back to the Sweet Adelines where they came from."

  • Gwyneth Jones: "That dress was tacky even when it was new in 1974."

  • Maria Ewing: "Direct from her smash engagement at Rainbow and Stars in It's Delightful, It's Delicious, It's De-Gershwin! "

  • The Alagnas: "This isn't the Junior Prom."

  • Waltraud Meier: "A pink flowered bouffant with a box-pleated contrast peplum? What is this, Female on the Beach? "

  • Ruth Ann Swenson: "Miss Wisconsin 1976"

  • Renee Fleming: "Jessica Rabbit does Vanessa "