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I got my first tattoo only about 4 months ago: that's the Lion of St. Mark on my upper arm. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be: only an hour in the chair, and about as painful as a sunburn. Easy.

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So last month I decided to go the whole opera queen route and get a tattoo I had never seen on anyone: Maria Callas as Medea. Now-- that one did hurt: about 2 1/2 hours bent over a folding chair, and it felt like he was using a dentist's drill in the same spot over and over. Now I know why it is when you mutiny on a ship they flog you on your back: it's sensitive! But -- as soon as I saw the image in the mirror, I was overjoyed.

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I am so glad I had this tattoo done in the beginning of the summer, because now I can wear a tank top to outdoor concerts and, well, attract attention. It's also a great way to meet guys at the gym: if they recognize the tattoo, you know they're cool. (Who wants to date a guy who has never heard of Callas, anyway?)

Some find this tattoo inspiring.

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