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Slipped hypocrisy

Coot-owned and -operated blog which never reviews anything complains that the New York Times classical music section is reviewing the wrong things. Bonus homophobia in the comments section!  Read more »

My metaphor was drawn from genocides

Why yes, of course. Peter Gelb offering voluntary buyouts to a couple of dozen employees is precisely the same thing as Nazis murdering hundreds of people. In the same way that when I say I want to sledgehammer Norman Lebrecht‘s skull into a pulp, what I actually mean is that I want to send him a dignified note reminding him of his responsibility as a journalist not to tell fibs.

Norman Lebrecht wants *you* to fact-check his next column

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.24.12 PMBraindead coot Norman Lebrecht gets it wrong again: the design competition he links to clearly has nothing to do with the cover of Anna Netrebko‘s upcoming CD.

If it quacks like a Lebrecht

Peter Gelb says opera in the United States is having trouble finding an audience.”

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Lebrecht, c’est echt

La Cieca was contacted this morning (not too early!) by a representative of the “Lebrecht Live” programme on BBC3. The show is set to discuss the burning topic “Is there cultural value in blogging?” And this is what La Cieca has to say, at least to begin with: One may read consistently brilliant cultural criticism on a blog or else unremitting unspellchecked drivel. But that’s the risk one takes in reading any sort of journalistic writing. The difference is that in more traditional media, the grossly incompetent tend to get sifted out before they actually get published. An idiot blogger […]

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