Cher Public

Broadcast: The Magic Flute

Hear and discuss the condensed-for-kids version tonight at 7:30. (Photo: Ken Howard)

Lion, tamer

Relish your smarminess, Zeljko Lucic!

“Perhaps his production will prove easy to revive and hospitable to future performers,” wrote Our Own Christopher Corwin, “but there’s just nothing interesting going on.” Read more »

Broadcast: La traviata

La Cieca invites the cher public (not pictured) to hear and discuss this afternoon’s broadcast of La traviata from the Met beginning at 1:00 PM. (Photo: Marty Sohl)

Three more times!

The long evening didn’t achieve the degree of celebration it should have.

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Your doyenne’s origin myth must always be understood to begin with the bite of a radioactive soprano way back in 1976.

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Shrieking violet

Diana Damrau‘s performance as Violetta was the work of a very ordinary artist, one susceptible to vocal flubs, poor intonation, and an all too banal approach operatic performance.

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Broadcast: La Traviata

For your listening and discussing pleasure, cher public: the opening night of the Met’s new Traviata.

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Broadcast: Mefistofele

Today at 1:00 PM, Boito’s Mefistofele kicks off the Met’s 88th year of live Saturday broadcasts over the Toll Brothers–Metropolitan Opera International Radio Network.

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