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The end is the beginning of the end

Representing the end of the world is a challenge for any opera company, especially when said apocalypse comes as the culmination of eighteen hours of Norse epic. Yet, at the Metropolitan Opera’s Götterdämmerung on Saturday afternoon, the fires which consumed the Gods burned lukewarm, bringing the cycle to an anticlimactic conclusion.  Read more »

Jest you, jest me

Friday night’s Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera revealed once again a predictable dissonance between the performances on stage and Michael Mayer’s production.  Read more »

Broadcast: Götterdämmerung

Join the cher public for this morning’s (and afternoon’s) bang-up broadcast, starting at 11:00 AM. (Photo: Ken Howard / Met Opera)

Holy wedlock!

“Michaela Schuster will sing Fricka in tomorrow’s performance of Wagner’s Die Walküre, replacing Jamie Barton,” says the Met’s press office.

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Broadcast: La traviata

Will tonight’s Met broadcast (at 8:00 PM) be croce or delizia?

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Teenager in love

Stefan Vinke’s Siegfried was not so much brawny and terrestrial, but heady and mercurial

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Broadcast: Siegfried

Good morning, good morning!

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The damned don’t cry

Michael Mayer‘s production of La traviata at the Met is so timid, so devoid of insight, so cynically pandering and gaudy that I hardly feel like it even matters what I think of the performances of the current cast.

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