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joined at the hip

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leave it to cleavage

Okay, La Cieca knows a bit about fashion and even a smidge about clothing construction (you should hear her dishing the godets during Project Runway) but she must admit she can’t figure out what the hell Anna Netrebko is wearing here.

what was she thinking?

Did she just take a dip in the pool? Was she performing a nude scene just seconds ago? Is this part of her wedding dress, except the actual “dress” part hasn’t been finished yet? Is this look meant to be a followup to the controversial J.Lo. Grammy dress? Is it possible that at the time the photo was snapped she hadn’t quite snagged Erwin and decided to go for broke?

And the big question: is that side boob La Cieca sees?

Oh, and La Cieca pixelated out the face of the lady in the center of the photo, who really is an innocent bystander here, unless she’s Anna’s stylist, in which case I’m calling the CIA.

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