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Don Giovanni drinks your milkshake

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Chest nut

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Dawn of the Philistines

Ken Howard, Metropolitan Opera

I’m not sure who I find more annoying – the partisans who vigorously defend Luc Bondy‘s production of Tosca at the Met or those who decry it.  As Bondy’s production replaces one of the Met’s signature offerings, both groups have seized on this event as a watershed event in the history of opera in America and have been flogging their opinions of the production endlessly so as to advance their broader agenda.  So once again, poor Floria Tosca has become a victim in a war that she wanted nothing to do with.   Read more »

IV on HD

Four of the cher public caught yesterday’s HD presentation of Tosca and have agreed to share their impressions with La Cieca and the rest:

“The death of Puccini’s Tosca was much exaggerated, in fact it did not take place.”

“After about 34 years of going to the opera, I don’t think I’ve ever left a performance more infuriated than I did after the performance today.”

“‘Vulgar’  ‘Totally out of place’  and ‘It had nothing whatever to do with the opera!’ were phrases which constituted a regular refrain.”

“I will say this, Mr. Gagnidze looked like one sexy bear in that opera.”

Complete reviews after the jump.


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Carry my bust with pride

Is it just me, or is Patricia Racette on the cusp of turning into Aprile Millo? (Oh, and while we’re on the subject: it certainly took her long enough, but finally The People’s Diva really looks like a diva! Brava, you go on like this!)

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Look out, that thing is sharp!

“Tosca gashes the portrait of the Magdalene (with a breast bared)…” Also: damn those bloggers! Damn them!  [NYT]

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[insert joke here]

“Opera singer” Katherine Jenkins has been insured against getting swine flu. [Wales Online]

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That’s the sorrowful précis. It’s very messy.

You know, La Cieca and her alter ego JJ are just like the pair in that lovely

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