Cher Public

And now a word from our sponsor

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Kiss them for me

La Cieca (pictured) considers herself privileged to recognize the advertisers whose generous support of helps keep this blog bringing you the latest in opera news, reviews and gossip. Read more »

In the bleak midwinter

La Cieca invites you, the cher public, to give a round of applause to our beloved sponsors for the month of December:

How firm a foundation

Take a moment, cher public, to thank our splendid advertisers for the month of November.

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Coffee break

La Cieca (pictured, in her dreams) would like to pause just a moment in her editrixing duties for a spot of housekeeping.

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I’m the greatest star

What better way to prepare for the exciting impending season than to salute our sponsor for September, Carnegie Hall?

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Written on blog

Let’s hear it for our parterre advertisers for the month of August: Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart presents Written on Skin and Bard SummerScape presents The Wreckers!

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Tu che di gelato sei cinta

It’s the first of July, and naturally La Cieca won’t let the day go by without a salute to those wonderful advertisers who keep online and thriving.

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