10 Questions You'll Never Hear on the Opera Quiz:

The panelists have heard the first act of today's opera. Now we are going to ask them their frank opinion of today's performers, and whom they would have cast in these parts instead.

In a related question, what is your opinion of the sound quality of Metropolitan Opera broadcasts? Mr. Ardoin, I believe your hand was up first...

Following are statements by Will Crutchfield. The panelists are asked to identify which person or institution Mr. Crutchfield is patronizing in each statement.

Tell us, Mr. Innaurato, what the hell kind of drugs were you on when you wrote that piece about Mirella Freni?

Mr. Hampson, would you describe for us in detail your interpretation of "Winterreise"?

The following recording consists of five sopranos singing the "Lied des Lulu" from Berg's opera. The panelists are asked to identify...

This question is for Mr. Alagna. Is true that Ms. Gheorghiu can suck the chrome off a fender? (Oops, all the hands are up, including some in the audience...)

Maestro Woitach, who is seated at the Yamaha, will now play the main theme from Corigliano's Ghosts at Versailles and the theme from TV's Dynasty; the panelists will be asked to guess which is which.

The questioner is a veteran operagoer who frequently enjoyed anonymous sex in standing room at the Old Met. He would like to know where the panelists go for a quickie at Lincoln Center, and what the action is like there. 

So, Mr. Jorden, exactly what is a 'queer opera zine'?

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