25 January 2007

Collaborate with La Cieca

It's easy to be La Cieca's co-writer!  Just fill in the form below.  For example, for "Name of an opera house" you might choose "The Met" or "La Scala" -- or something sillier.  When you've filled in all the blanks, hit the "Submit" button.  You will then be able to read the completed "Mad Lib" style article, and, if you like, forward the result to La Cieca. [From the finished Mad Lib page, scroll down to Direct link (filled), click on "select all," copy, and then paste into an email and send it to La Cieca.]

The best five submissions will be published on the parterre.com website and the "co-authors" will receive a gift of an historical opera DVD selected  by La Cieca. Of course La Cieca's decisions in this matter are all utterly whimsical and arbitrary ... and final.

Enjoy, cher public!

 name of a composer

 name of an opera

 name of a philosopher

 a catch phrase or motto

 an Italian phrase

 name of a tenor

 name of a baritone

 name of a mezzo

 name of a soprano

 a unit of time

 name of a critic

 title of a magazine

 name of a legendary diva

 a number

 a section of a theater

 a building that is no longer in existence

 verb infinitive




 name of profession

 a high note

 a musical instrument

 a part of the body

 a garment

 name of a fashion designer

 another legendary diva

 an opera house


 name of a gay man

 a profession

 a number

 yet another legendary diva

 a famous person in history

 a type of precious stone

 another famous person in history


 another opera title

 a place in Italy

 another composer

 type of vocal music

 an historical event

 an Italian word

 name of a pop singer

 name of a sports figure

 name of a politician



 name of a conductor

 a location

 adverb (-ly)

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