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From the vault

La Cieca (a “recent” photograph) is delighted to remind her cher public that the parterre YouTube page (called operazine) has been newly refurbished and updated. (The image above is actually from the most popular video on the site, with over 150,000 views!)  Read more »


Maria Callas’s most outstanding Adalgisa, out of all she partnered with, was Fiorenza Cossotto. (How’s that for a change of pace?)  Read more »

You go to my head

“La Pensatrice”

Finally, medical science offers the answer to the conundrum that has baffled opera fans for decades: what was Renée Fleming thinkingRead more »

Tales of the Bavarian baloney pony

In November, everyone wanted to hear more about Jonas Kaufmann‘s Johnson.

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So La Cieca has been hearing complaints lately that she is not linking to videos of Russian guys singing excerpts from La traviata while eating Tater Tots.

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Vedrai, piccolo amor

Good news, Puccini fans!

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Fun laughs good times

The legendary performance of “Hey Big Spender” by Marilyn Horne, Carol Burnett and Eileen Farrell has shown up on YouTube.

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She’s just a lady with a song

Note to naysayers: there is nothing wrong with this singing!

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I lived, if you can call it living, for art

Since no doubt the New York contingent of the cher public are already shuddering in anticipation of a Kristine Opolais Tosca as a “gala” New Year’s Eve treat, La Cieca thought you might enjoy—again, surely too strong a word—a preview of sorts.

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East Side Story

Fiery Latinas Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews strike sparks!

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