Cher Public

  • Batty Masetto: Hi Anti 1:20 PM
  • La Cieca: httpv://www.youtub N2hxN38 1:20 PM
  • Batty Masetto: Yes, it’s awkward, isn’t it? 1:20 PM
  • antikitschychick: and yes greetings to all! 1:20 PM
  • manou: Ciao Jungfer – not sure this is going to work after all… 1:19 PM
  • Batty Masetto: The ladies never sound all that hot to me, frankly, though in Russian opera it lends a certain Bolshoiesque authenticity 1:19 PM
  • antikitschychick: thank you Jungfer Marianne :-). Am going to listen to get a sense of what I should expect. Missed the first 15 min :-/ 1:19 PM
  • arepo: testing 1:19 PM

O Caftan! My Caftan!

Unconcealed by the voluminous folds of this Jessyesqe muumuu is queen-sized talent Jeffery Roberson (also known as Varla Jean Merman), who will make his New York opera debut later this week, in, modestly enough, The Medium, everyone’s favorite supernatural Menotti Broadway slasher opera. Details for this event— which might have been genetically engineered to appeal to the mind of the average parterrian—follow the jump.   Read more »