Cher Public

Midway through my season

Summer in FebruaryThe usually somnolent month of February was a strong one for, with over 39,000 visitors viewing the site more than 463,000 times. The most popular postings for the month follow the jump.  Read more »

Read all over

La Cieca is pleased and proud to present the Top 10 most popular posts on for the month of January 2016.   Read more »

November reign

A readers’ discussion of Gaetano Donizetti garnered the most pageviews of any parterre posting in November. The top ten postings are listed after the jump.   Read more »

Travels with my rant

It appears that La Cieca’s long-winded, likely drunken ravings late last Friday week attracted the most visitors last week, doubtless motivated by Schadenfreude.

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Number one with an axe

Here you are, cher public, your ten most popular parterre box postings (by numbers of pageviews) for the week of September 27-October 3, 2015.  

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