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  • laddie: That is cute. 10:17 PM
  • operaassport: I’d be happy to experiment on you :) 10:12 PM
  • Poison Ivy: Well seeing as this is an opening night/NP playing to an empty house is probably a bad idea. 10:09 PM
  • Amnerees: Yes, there are trucks on nearby Second Avenue scraping up nonexistent snow. With their overtime... 10:09 PM
  • Quanto Painy Fakor: Hope he can be true to his own resonance and not aim for the prevailing irritating bleat... 9:57 PM
  • Quanto Painy Fakor: httpv://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=JRSg OHQOVAQ 9:56 PM
  • zinka: httpv://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=fT-t wIk2Hh4 Shades of Camarena!!! Dominic Cossa gave me a selection... 9:39 PM
  • bluecabochon: How brave of you to offer to walk home. Maybe the staff who commute from New Jersey will follow... 9:35 PM
  • Quanto Painy Fakor: 9:27PM – Doesn’t look bad at all: http://www.earthca m.com/usa/newyo... 9:27 PM
  • la vociaccia: My sympathies for that season. At least 14-15 had Florencia and Bluebeard 8:54 PM

A wasted time

Everyone who has ever lived in NYC has encountered a certain type of homeless drunk. This vagabond isn’t pissing his way through subway cars, but is well-put together and charming (or as well put together as one can be for a homeless guy). People spend a few minutes chatting with him, and most end up dropping him a couple bucks. “Get some coffee,” they say, even though they know he’s headed to the nearest deli for another cheap ’40 of malt liquor. And at least these sorts of guys are charming drunks and not tedious drunks. Read more »

Take your Adderall, Wozzeck

“I think a lot of his hallucinations can be compared to ultra-sensitivities and hallucinations of extremely gifted people,” Mr. Hampson said. [New York Times]

… and now the worse news

A couple of tweets from Thomas Hampson detailing some grisly-sounding future projects, following the jump.  Read more »

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Abs of a Soldier

La Cieca has obtained this photo of Thomas Hampson headlining Camouflage Night at Powerhouse, uh, rehearsing for Heart of a Soldier at the San Francisco Opera. You can tell the scene is Northern Rhodesia in 1962, because that is where the British military first started offering complimentary personal training packages to their troops.

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