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put down the knitting, the book and the dagger


Lucky patrons of San Francisco Opera, who get to see Liza Minnelli in her first staged Tosca!

separated at altitude


Mary-Louise Parker, who smokes pot on TV; Angela Gheorghiu, who sings Carmen next year at the Met.

her first roman

Meanwhile, in Zürich, Vesselina Kasarova stars in The Alessandra Marc Story.

And in other “this diva/that diva” news, Tyne Daly is now doing a one-woman show on the life of Eileen Farrell.

separated at midlife?

leander als die andern

Emily Magee plays Tosca (in a Robert Carsen production in Zurich); Zarah Leander lives for art.

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“her bosom heaves, her cheeks are staring scarlet”

Sharp-eyed reader Sadie Salome writes: It seems I was the only one spent much of last night’s letter scene peering through her binoculars at Karita Mattila‘s fine acting, because I see no report on your site of last night’s mishap (and if it isn’t on your site, then it obviously hasn’t been reported anywhere!) As you can see in the photograph below, the nightgown which Tatiana wears for her letter scene has a couple buttons in the middle that hold the front together, though it’s still split a little bit even when fastened. 

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maledetta politica?

La Cieca thinks any revival of Adriana Lecouvreur is reason for rejoicing, though this photo made her stop and wonder: since when does Hillary Clinton sing verismo? Oh, all right, it’s La Cieca’s little joke. Our Secretary of State has not sung any opera role, recently anyhow. The Hillary lookalike is none other than Nelly Miricioiu, who recently interpreted the embattled comedienne in the solidly Italianate company of Victoria Joyce, Hubert Francis, Alison Kettlewell, Simon Lobelson, Daniel Grice, Andrew Mackenzie-Wicks and (non ti scordar di me!) Simon Bainbridge.

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separated at maturity?

Dramatic mezzo Ildikó Komlósi and traumatic mess Elizabeth Taylor.

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a damned shame

Brothers under the Lederhosen: Alice Coote and Helmut Berger.

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at least her jewels are

Watching the Richard Tucker Gala just now, La Cieca is reminded to something she said to a companion after an early Diana Damrau Met performance (Ariadne, she thinks it was.) What La Cieca said was, “Well, you can send all the others home, because we’ve found our Neely O’Hara!”

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