Who (if anyone) wore it better?

Shirley Verrett in 1973 or Anna Netrebko on Sunday?  Read more »

“What do you mean it’s not a lookalike contest?”

“If you think this is good, wait until you see me as Shirley Bassey!” Barton added. Read more »

And see if I can be rebirthed next Thursday afternoon

Edina closeupLa Cieca supposes it was only a matter of time. Anna Netrebko has become Edina Monsoon.  Read more »

Turban legend

In the October 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan, lissome Laverne Cox pays tribute to some of her personal idols , including Tina Turner, Josephine Baker and, in a particularly breathtaking bit of visual transformation, the first African-American prima donna of the Metropolitan Opera.

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Separated at brocade?

Gay icons Francesca Zambello and Judy Garland.

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The convergencing

No, this is too scary to be a coincidence.

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Separated at cleavage

Don’t tell Sonya Yoncheva, but it looks like Angela Gheorghiu has stolen her costume from Otello Act 3.

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Separated at pearls?

Harmonious Sondra Radvanovsky and hormonal Justin Vivian Bond.

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Oh, signor Johnson

La Cieca is going to go out on a not very long limb here and say that Dick Johnson in La fanciulla del West is a great role for Jonas Kaufmann and may well turn out to be one of his three or four greatest.

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Separated in alt

“That high E-natural must be up there somewhere,” these two ladies seem to be saying in unison: Voice of the Century Joan Sutherland and Voice of the Xtabay Yma Sumac.  

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