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  • Sanford: Sills had such an, um, interesting body. She was like a size 8 or 10 up top and an 18 on the bottom. 2:38 PM
  • Ilka Saro: It seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it? 2:34 PM
  • antikitschychick: Happy Birthday to the late-great Beverly Sills (and yes wonderful pic of her!) AND Happy birthday to another Diva (born... 1:56 PM
  • m. croche: …mostly watched time pass while Glass and Wilson became contemporary icons in Europe. Yes, I was just sorting through all... 1:17 PM
  • PCally: Nice photo of sills, very sexy. My sills completism is not but her cleopatra and manon are quite lovely, even if there are others... 1:15 PM
  • whatever: Prince was supposed to direct a new musical (“The Band’s Visit”) for Atlantic Theater Company this Spring but... 12:58 PM
  • Signor Bruschino: Broadway won’t put money & a theatre behind a retrospective of Hal Prince’s work, so he is revitalizing... 12:45 PM
  • NPW-Paris: Yes that was it. What I didn’t like, though, was that it was miked and amplified. 12:17 PM

Muhly marvelous

A few spoilsport commentators have complained that the clever marketing video for Nico Muhly‘s Two Boys at the English National Opera doesn’t accurately represent the somewhat dark subject matter of the new opera. La Cieca won’t take sides on this matter of vital import, but she will reveal to you, the cher public, that a few moments of the hush-hush score and production of the opera have been leaked on video, and you can sample the piece after the jump.   Read more »

It’s complicated

The ever-alert PR people at the English National Opera (why can’t we have a company like this?) have assembled a “what if?” video to promote Nico Muhly‘s impending Two Boys, and thrown in an admirably scruffy “reality” actor to boot. Read more »



The Royal Opera House, which in its past season glitzed up its programming with such gimmicks as a tabloid tie-in and a mezzo-soprano strapped to a wheelchair, now looks to be getting desperate. The venerable opera company has commisioned a “Twitter Opera,” with a libretto to be gleaned from sundry tweets posted via the popular social networking service.  The resultant text will then be musicked by Helen Porter.

“Current posts can be viewed at”

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i blog to differ!

A member of Facebook (which, La Cieca is told, is some kind of Information Superhighway thing that the youngsters seem to enjoy) forwards this invitation to what your doyenne (channeling Andy Samberg channeling Diablo Cody) likes to call Die Bloggerdammerung:

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